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There might be a lot of confusing information about auto glass out there, so make sure you check with MODERN TECHnologies Auto Glass to be sure you get all the facts you need. It's the best way to protect your car, your wallet, your family, and yourself when it comes to auto glass and auto safety.
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Crashes, Injuries, and Fatalities

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 296,000 vehicles involved in rollover crashes in the United States back in 2000. Of these crashes, 10,400 resulted in fatalities and 185,000 in injuries to the driver or passengers. 

Over 36,000 people were involved in crashes in which they were partially or fully ejected from their vehicle. More than 25% of those people did not survive. However, over 1,500 lives were saved by airbags in 2000. Please remember that airbags are designed to deploy in frontal crashes from moderate to severe.

Airbag Performance and Timing

As a part of the vehicle structure, the windshield is a critical determinant of proper airbag timing. In a crash, an improperly installed windshield may cause an airbag to deploy too early or too late. In either case, the safety of the occupants may be greatly compromised.

Airbag Retention

On impact, a windshield acts as a brace to support the passenger-side airbag. If the windshield separates, the airbag may not be held in its proper place, and it may not effectively protect the occupants.

Vehicle Strength – Structural Integrity

The windshield is also an important part of a vehicle’s energy management system, which is designed to redirect crash energy around the passenger compartment. If a windshield is not properly installed, a vehicle may endanger the occupants by crumpling differently than the manufacturer intended.

Rollover Strength

In a rollover accident, a windshield provides the strength to prevent the roof from collapsing in on the passengers. In some vehicle designs, the windshield is responsible for up to 50% of a vehicle’s rollover strength.

Occupant Retention

The windshield is also designed to prevent unrestrained occupants from leaving the vehicle during a crash. You are 25 times more likely to survive if you are contained inside the passenger compartment.

Object Penetration

A windshield is there to keep out the elements. This is very important, but your windshield does much more. That’s why it is critical for replacement windshields to be installed according to the manufacturer's standards.

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